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If you own your home and are planning to sell, does it make sense that you want to get back the maximum amount of your equity?

Absolutely! So, what is the fastest, easiest way to do that?

What We Do For Occupied Properties

Create the best first impression by:

  • Rearranging furniture, lighting and artwork;
  • Editing and de-personalizing;
  • Refreshing colours to add appeal;
  • Highlighting each room’s best features;
  • Creating the best traffic patterns;
  • Revitalizing the home’s curb appeal.

What We Do For Vacant Properties

Help buyers visualize themselves living in the home by:

  • Transforming the home into a “model suite”;
  • Updating window treatments, flooring, paint, light fixtures;
  • Renting furnishings either from our inventory or from a reputable rental
  • Recommending trusted contractors or acting as liaison for the homeowner.

Clean Sweep

Let me help you “clear the clutter” to create clean, open spaces.

Move-In Plus

I will help you set up and organize your new home. We will assist with paint colours, flooring choices, furniture placement, home office design, or any other decorating questions you can think of. 


Feeling like your home needs an update? Our experts will transform your home to show off its full potential. What is involved? It depends…sometimes painting, rearranging furniture, de-cluttering, landscaping, installing new flooring. We will suggest simple ways to “pull things together” so that your home has a flow and feeling that works and fits with your lifestyle. 

Stage your home prior to listing so that it can be photographed and viewed in its showcase condition.Staging is quickly becoming the tool of choice for selling homes in the shortest amount of time for the highest price. It is an investment that pays for itself. Research is showing that staged homes sell in about half the time and for up to 5% more than those not staged.

Put on a Fresh Face and Increase Curb Appeal!

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars staging the inside of your homes when listing your house for sale with me, and guess what? I will stage your outdoor too.

Why not start with a good impression…

Staging outdoor is about Increasing Curb Appeal, whether you’re moving, or not.

Thinking about putting your property up for sale in the next few months? It’s been said over and over that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. And it’s true, ESPECAILLY in the real estate market. That’s curb appeal. We know that a home with good curb appeal may attract more potential buyers and often sells quicker. We all know that a house that looks good inside and outside can fetch higher offers for your property.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Getting the outside looking good isn’t that hard, is it? There are simple things that just about anyone can do to increase curb appeal, right? Painting, fresh mulch in all the gardens, freshly mowed and trimmed lawns, clean windows, a few plants here and there, a clean front and back yard, hedges trimmed, outdoor lighting working, patio furniture arranged or removed … wait a sec!!  Who has time to do all that? Not you. You’re busy, arranging furniture, packing, de-cluttering, tidying, and cleaning. There’s so much to do when you’re getting ready to move and there just isn’t enough time. And that doesn’t include the fun stuff like shopping for your new home!

 That’s what we’re here for. We’re time savers. From the roadside to the front door and all around your home, we’ll objectively review the various outside elements that buyers consider when shopping for a new home.  Then, as part of our free consultation, we’ll quickly summarize in a checklist format what needs attention, what the priorities are, and provide you with an idea about how long it will take,  Then we’ll work out a schedule to get it done before the first picture is taken.

We’ll show you how to increase your home’s curb appeal. It could save you hours when time is at a premium.  If there’s even a slim chance your home will attract more potential buyers, possibly generate higher offers, and maybe even sell quicker, isn’t that worth meating before you list it?

That’s Return on Investment. 

Real Estate Refresh Package includes:

  • fixing any outdoor stone work, interlock, steps. retaining wall
  •  pruning, garden clean up, and planting.
  • Application of mulch, grass, rock
  • Planting of annuals and perennials. 
  • Weekly watering service available.